Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Triumph of Organization

While reading a woodworking magazine a while back there was a little tip for building a toolbox with vertical panels which hold the tools.

Well after screwing up on the projector box I had 4 good pieces of plywood leftover. So I decided to finally build this project and organize some of my tools. I figured out a way to make the project using JUST plywood and some 1" by 2" boards, thier design used pegboard and dado cuts for the slots.

So Here I give you the Super Simplified Toolroom in a Box.

These two pics (above) illustrate how the slats are nailed down, and some of the tools that will eventually make it into the box. Below are two of the panels in full trim, and the an overview of the box.

I still have to figure out somewhere good to put the box itself. :P

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