Saturday, August 28, 2010

Simplified Mechanical System Part 3

This is where it gets interesting. :)

We now have a shaft we can mount a bearing to and hold the bearing in place. Without any custom machining. But what holds the bearing? This does..

This is a bracket with a bearing placed in it. 

Here are two brackets capturing a bearing..

You then can hold the brackets with a stationary bracket..

But there's another type of bracket that is useful...
The axle bracket.

This bracket has the 8mm D-profile cut into the middle. This bracket can either hold a shaft stationary to your assembly. Or it can engage a shaft that is made to rotate smoothly by riding in a set of bearings..

Such as here in my trebuchet model. 

But either of these brackets can be used for yet another purpose. Given any gear or pulley. If you can center it up properly and drill your holes right. You can bolt any gear or pulley or sprocket to one of these brackets. 

The possibilities are endless. 


  1. I can't point you to a supplier, but you can save a lot of trouble by using Dodge D-lok bearings.
    They have a concentric clamp that ensures your shaft is centered in the bearing, and it also allows for looser tolerances on your shaft material. Finally, they have a spherical outside profile that ensures that bearing 1 and bearing 2 are lined up, saving you from fatigue failure. If you need to fix something to the shaft I'd recommend either b-loc or Trantorque Keyless bushings. These have the same advantages as the d-lok bearing.

    No, I'm not a salesmen, I'm a mechanical engineer.

  2. That's pretty cool technology.

    Reminds me of the time a friend and I rebuilt my manual transmission. Things lining up was VERY very important !

    Do you think my axle design would work (for lower loads?)...

  3. Looks cool. Plus easy to use. That sure is great.

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