Saturday, August 28, 2010

Simplified Mechanical System Part 4

There is one more important component.

What to bolt the brackets to?
How about a standardized grid of holes, of specified diameter...

Like this...

There is one more component I came up with early on. 
A cam arm. Cams are used to do lots of things and it seemed like it would be easy to model so...

So there you have it. The Simplified Mechanical System... 

I will soon send these models to Google's 3d Warehouse, and also post them here as well. 

I would love to build some of these components, but I haven't gotten a chance yet. 

This system would be particularly useful if you wanted to prototype something (much like the arduino). You could prototype in wood or plastic, then for final assembly build it in metal. 

It shares alot in common with Makerbeam and Contraptor and MicroRax and Vex and of course where I got my start mechanically... Lego Technics


  1. What you're describing is basically an updated version of the old Erector Sets that I, and many of my geek friends, had when we were kids (1950's and 60's): an array of perforated plates of various sizes, brackets, wheels, axles, mountable bearings, gears, sprockets w/ chain, etc., plus sufficient machine screws & nuts to connect components together. A lucky few had the motorized gearbox with power takeoff to make your invention move.

  2. I have a more recent erector set. This would be significantly bigger and able to handle more power. But each part should be very cheap to manufacture in various materials...

  3. Safety first. Erector sets had rounded corners. Your 4x4 holes plate should, too.

  4. Absolutely, I will change that before uploading it.

  5. This has been created. Its called contraptor pretty much. I used this style when making my xy plotter. You can see it here:

    I would imagine that you could "add" to contraptor with these sorts of widgets that worked on their 1" grid.


  6. Good job on the plotter.

    I've brainstormed every way I could think of and gotten inspiration from all over the web on how to build good/cheap/easy linear bearings.

    Somehow I missed the simplicity of the design you used.

    The simplified mechanical system could certainly be adapted to the contraptor spacing.