Thursday, July 14, 2011

Link/Tab Dump

It has taken me alot more time than I expected every time I try to editorialize a post on this blog. So while there's tons of things I would like to share, the time taken to write about them is intention crushing...

And so today I bring you another post with many links and few words, I hope you see something interesting..

Huge and Hugely Impressive Modular Analog Synth Cabinet

Google Bids on Patents with Number Constants

I'll be honest I haven't read this yet, I guess i like my mouse too much!

These are little wheels designed to build camera motion rigs, they look incredibly smooth and easy, but pricey

This will show you how to build an alternative camera strap configuration

There are certainly alot more posts on this site about building and rigging for your camera and photo setups

This is how I want my tool drawers to be, I don't know if I want to buy in just now..

GPU's are revolutionizing the processing of anything that used to require supercomputers,2945.html

This seems like such a great idea...What took so long?!

This allows your Android device's camera to be used as a Webcam for your computer (be careful the first time I tried it it hard crashed my computer; then i tried it again and got it working)

This is a really cool bench power supply build..

Intel is working on Massively Parallel Chips! (Too bad the GPU guys are WAY Ahead of them)

Wow this is cool, many Android devices can also be gaming systems...

The future of software is very different from the past...

I wish I had the resources to try some of these SSD's the bandwidth seems amazing..

This Car looks tough...but zombies? I dunno..

Nevermind the desk (its amazing) look into the comments for Captain Picard

I hope the future looks (and works) like this software

Sometimes its crazy how simple the solutions to very tough (medical) problems are...

I always hoped the browser history would be like this..

What Fun...makes me wanna travel (and not be afraid of heights)

This Company builds a custom pc called the shift, it lets the heat go up out of the case like it wants to, they are geniuses

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