Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Great Cleanup Project

This is my room...

That is ...
It's the room where I work on my computer and keep alot of things, that I own for some reason (mostly because I dont want to replace them if I need them again). But its a real problem to get at or use anything in this room. Currently only the top layer and anything in my IKEA drawers are the only things I can really use.

So it needs to be cleaned up! That could mean alot of things, some things need to be fixed (finally) and put into use or sold or given away. Some things need to inhabit a dumpster instead of our living space. Some things will be kept but they need to be in a usable arrangement.. so that I know where they are AND can get at them.

We need to add some type of organizational fixtures, shelves, desks, whatever.

I have plans to build a workstation that can serve double duty (at least).

We've been handed down the mandate not to attach things to walls, so most of my plans will have to be re-thought.

It's a project and I'm posting it here because maybe someone out there will find my progress interesting, or maybe just to prod myself into working on it knowing other people are watching and know about it...

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