Sunday, May 20, 2012

Post #1 : Great Cleanup Project

Yesterday, I finally decided to try to fix my wife's Combo stereo (cd changer/tape/radio). It's an appliance she always loved. We put it out of use (and into my room) when the disk changer drawer wouldn't close.

I took it apart and examined several things, never found the real problem. I think the drawer was just out of sync with the sensors.

I put it back together and it worked again (Yay! One item down!)

Here's a few pics of the inside...

The whole inside is empty space!!
This gives me several ideas..
It also looks like the brown wire bundles carry audio signals around. Could be super easy to hack in an auxiliary jack. But my wife probably doesn't want it modified, so I will leave it alone.
Btw, it's a Sanyo AWM-2800U

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