Friday, October 09, 2015

What's Next 10/8/2015

What's Next: A quick look into future technology news

Pricey but interesting:

Instead of One Lense and One finely tuned and adjusted sensor, the Light L16 proposes to make great photos by use of 16 Lenses (each good at something different) and 16 Sensors each tuned a different way. Also TONS of Math! On the back is a touchscreen to adjust pictures after they are snapped, specifically the really neat trick the Lytro camera pulled off, tweaking depth of field AFTER the picture is snapped. 

Dear Light Co., 
If you'd like a fair balanced and honest review I'd be happy to put a demo unit through its paces. 

Dremel has released a new tool. The VRT1, powered not by batteries or electricity, but by the vacuum generated by the shopvac you already have. Awesome Bonus: The vacuum sucks in all the dust, also No batteries or cords EVER. 

Though I admit, a $30 tool with Dremel's backing and things like a warranty and easy availability 
 make for some solid benefits. It's hard not to think this was a DIYer's design first. Behold! 

Turbine Rotary Tool (from ~ 2yrs ago)

Would probably cost $30 to source the shaft, collet and bearings. :P

Kudos to Dremel for bringing a cool idea to market (they just can't take too much credit is all)

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