Thursday, September 03, 2015

Free Software helped me make a business card

I've got a brand new business card

Being that I'm not quite willing to publish my info free an clear on the internet.. here's a privacy minded version..

In making this card I used all Free and Open source software and fonts!

I used the Linux operating system (Mint standard install).

Within linux I used the VERY Excellent Inkscape software (fully free and open source)

But: If you want to follow in my footsteps, you don't need Linux, Inkscape is available in all the major operating systems, it even works nearly identically. In my experience its also very solid and hard to crash/mess up. I really cannot say enough good things about Inkscape, if it does the task you need, it should be the first choice!

The font is Open Sans, which some friends of mine with lots more design experience recommended. It is provided free from Google.

The graphic is a video card I scanned years ago for another project.

Thanks to my various friends and family that helped with the design decisions, you know who you are (I'm ok at design on a good day).

If you want to make high quality graphics, but don't want to talk to a banker first, Inkscape should be your first stop.

As another bonus:
Many Maker types are using inkscape as a lightweight CAD, they make the designs in inkscape then publish them to the laser cutter at home or the local makerspace.

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