Friday, September 25, 2015

Random Instructables 9/24/15

Instructables of the Day:

We're gonna get in more than 2 today..

Repair broken hinges of a laptop:

I have a forehead smack reaction to this one, why didnt I think of that. This looks like exactly the same model of laptop that my sister recently broke in exactly this way..

Host a Repair Cafe

Hey look, a guide to that thing I've been talking about doing at Mobile Makerspace for a year.

Walnut and Aluminum Lamp

A very handsome lamp. The instructions are more of a school report than actual instructions, but still a nice project.

When a Phillips is not a Phillips

A useful instructable about screws fasteners.

Washer Bracelets

Looks like an easy craft.

Ring Roller

A DIY machine that can bend serious steel into hoops or curves, sweet.

X mounts

This uses actobotics grommets and modular beams to mount phones and gadgets, but its totally diy-able too..

DIY Big Peg Board Shelving

This is a very attractive and easy build, doesn't get much better..

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